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Four Reasons to Choose Cellular Shades

June 24, 2024

Are you in search for a new home window treatment? Possibly something a bit modern that is ideal to complement a sophisticated and minimalistic interior?

Homeowners are increasingly looking Cellular Shades (also commonly referred to as Honeycomb Shades) for the benefits that they offer. These window treatments trap air, absorb sound/noise and reduce light gaps, providing a clean and crisp appearance to any room. They also allow you to customize your home to give it a personalized touch.

If you are thinking of upgrading your window style but are not sure if cellular shades are the right choice, don’t fret. This post will help you to see why this may be the best option for your home.

Cellular shades are manufactured in a pleated and folded pattern. Their material is made from spun lace and bonded polyester to replicate the texture of soft paper or cloth. Their unique design and shape allow them to insulate the living area and filter or block light. The vast design and color options enhance the overall look of any room that they are installed in.

Their energy efficiency is determined by the number of cells or air pockets that are present in the shade. They are available in single and double-cell varieties. For those that live in an area that experience extreme heat and cold, double-cell cellular shades offer higher levels of insulation. Over the life of your cellular shade, you will save money on air conditioning and heating.

Benefits of Cellular Shades

Why you will love these window treatments:
  1. Contemporary Appeal

    Certain home design trends can make your home look dated within a few years. This is not the case with cellular shades. The shape and texture of the material can freshen up any room and are not beholden to any one specific era style. This allows them to be universally appropriate, whether you live in a country farmhouse, a historic townhome, or an urban loft. They can soften sleek interiors to provide warmth and comfort and be incorporated into older homes without sacrificing your specific style.

  2. Accessibility

    Cellular shades are widely available in three types of accessibilities: cordless, motorized, and sun-up sun-down.

    If privacy is your main concern but you also enjoy some natural light to enter your space, the sun-up sun-down option is best to allow operation in both directions. Cordless and motorized cellular shades are convenient and easy to use.

  3. Energy Efficiency

    Part of what makes cellular shades unique is their construction. When you view them from the side, you will see that they are constructed with stacked rows of honeycomb-shaped cells. The individual air pockets within the outer and inner fabric panels are first-rate insulators that keep cool/hot air inside and stop hot/cold air from entering through the windowpanes. This creates comfort throughout the year, no matter the weather.

    Single-cell cellular shades are useful for areas with “normal” temperatures. However, if your home faces extreme weather conditions, choose double-cell cellular shades. Their construction offers increased insulation as they have back-to-back air pockets which provide better protection against heat and cold and save a few dollars on your energy bill. Who doesn’t want to save money on those bills?!

  4. Light Filtration Control

    The opacity of your treatment plays an important role in how light comes through your windows.

    Cellular shade materials are available in opacities ranging from sheer to completely opaque. Adjust the opacity based on how each room is used and according to your personal needs. For example, you may install sheer cellular shades in a nursery to allow maximum sunlight, while semi-sheer cellular shades would be suitable for lobbies and/or lounges. Opaque and semi-opaque varieties can be used in bathrooms and bedrooms where maximum privacy is required. Opaque shades are also known as blackout which are perfect for rooms that need extreme levels of dark, such as a home theatre.

From offering privacy to better light control, cellular shades are a great choice for all homeowners. The are versatile window treatments that fit within any interior design. Consider your needs before purchasing to ensure you make the right choice for your home. Window coverings are an investment, and you want to make sure that they are the perfect fit for you and your home. We will work with you during every step of the process.