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Why Do We Need Window Treatments?

May 20, 2024

Windows are an integral element of every home that serves several purposes. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, windows are a great starting point for designing. Once you have decided how you would like to “dress up” your windows, you can decide on the rest of the décor for a specific room or the entire home. A couple of questions that may arise is, “Are window treatments really that important? Can we do without them in our homes and/or offices?”

The answer is, “No!” Windows as openings have functional as well as aesthetic importance. In addition to beautifying a space, they also let in natural light and fresh air, allow an outer view from the indoors and at some point you will feel the need to cover them up as the need to control light and privacy, insulation, energy efficiency, enhancement of visual appeal (indoor and curb), etc., arise. Window treatments not only serve functional purposes for your home, but they also add value to your window and home because they transform something simple to something interesting.

Window treatments have advantages like:

  • They enliven the window space without compromising the structure of the window
  • Enables you to control the amount of natural light filtering into your room
  • Allows you to exercise privacy control
  • A great solution as a cover up for damaged or misaligned windows that look awkward

Whatever your reason, window treatments are a must for every room. As well as their functional aspects, they add charm to the interior of a home. Did you know that windows make up for almost 40% of a home? So when you decide to have window treatments installed, you are embellishing your home with a generous amount of style, elegance, and sophistication. Consult Lyn’s Point of View for professional advice for the best options for your home. Let’s find out what your windows will be wearing!